• 14 December 2022
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How to open file with LibreOffice using automation anywhere A360

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Hi @xyz ,

Unfortunately, LibreOffice is not tested and certified with AA, hence you will not be able to make use of Excel command features. You can try opening LibreOffice file using Open Program command but will need to use keystrokes combinations to navigate and action beyond that.


Or the manual task needs to include here is to convert this LibreOffice data into pandas dataframe, after converting into pandas dataframe you can export it as a csv file, after that, you will get a csv file on which whatever automation requires, you can perform with the help of Automation anywhere CSV commands. Not A BEST SOLUTION but definitely helpful to achieve the use case.

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Hi @xyz ,

As @Padmakumar mentions, LibreOffice is not tested and certified with AA.  Some  options are:

1.-Try to use Recorder package to manipulate menues in the program LibreOffice Calc

2.-Simluate kestrokes itselft with existing shotcutkeys. Check the product help.



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Dear @xyz,


To open a file with LibreOffice using Automation Anywhere 360 (A360), you can use the "Run Program" command to launch LibreOffice and specify the file you want to open. This command allows you to run any program or application on your computer, including LibreOffice.

To use the "Run Program" command to open a file with LibreOffice in A360, you can follow these steps:

  1. In A360, open the task editor and navigate to the point in your automation script where you want to open the file with LibreOffice.

  2. From the command palette on the left, select the "Run Program" command and drag it into the task editor workspace.

  3. In the "Run Program" command, specify the path to the LibreOffice executable file (usually "C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.exe" or a similar location) in the "Program" field.

  4. In the "Arguments" field, enter the path to the file you want to open, preceded by the "-o" flag. For example, if the file you want to open is located at "C:\myfiles\myfile.docx", you would enter "-o C:\myfiles\myfile.docx" in the "Arguments" field.

  5. Save and run your task, and LibreOffice should be launched and the specified file should be opened.

Note that this method only works if LibreOffice is installed on the same computer as A360. If LibreOffice is installed on a different computer, you will need to use a different method to access and open the file, such as using a network share or remote access software.