Enable Oauth2 in Control Room

  • 26 January 2023
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I trying enable Oauth2 in my Contro Room, but when 

I trying to enable Oauth 2 in my control room but when I login in to with admin user I get the message "Unauthorized"


Can you help me ?


3 replies

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Hi @User1611952008809106277 ,

Please check the below link,

Access the AuthConfig App

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@User1611952008809106277  Hope you gone through pre requisites  link provided by @Tamil Arasu10 


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Not sure if you ever found an answer, but I’m not going to throw around stupid links and articles that any sane users would look for first before asking the question.  I’ll instead tell you that I had the same issue and it took me contacting AA support to get them to add a specific permission/role to my apeople community user account to get access to the authconfig app.  


Why this is the case, I have no idea.  I am our AA control room admin and have access to our licensing info on the apeople site, however, I didn’t have the necessary role needed at the apeople level.  Once AA got that added for me I was able to access to authconfig app without getting the “Unauthorized” notification.  


However, I’m now unable to see our cloud control room in the config app.  I’ve got a ticket open, but if anyone knows why I can’t see our control room in the authconfig app, I’d greatly appreciate the help.