Email Send : Attachment Properties

  • 12 February 2022
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I've read the documentation about email send>


but i am still confused about the attachment properties, say i wanted to send an email with attachment from dekstop file, then i could just browse it and choose the file i want.


but what if i wanted to send multiple attachment? what if i wanted to send all files on a folder? can i just give the path to the folder?


for example : C:\Users\User\Documents\Picture will this actually send all the files on picture folder?

PS: i've tried it gives an error but i just wanted to make this discussion open

1 reply

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Hi @David Jansen​ ,


Can you try attaching multiple files using semicolon (;) as the separator.


Ex: C:\Users\User\Documents\Picture\file1.txt;C:\Users\User\Documents\Picture\file2.txt so on and so forth