dw download failed in iq bot

  • 6 September 2022
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imageCan't seem to understand what the problem is


4 replies

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Hi @Eusha Khan​ ,


Could you please navigate to the specific learning instance and verify that the invoices are exist? Also please check the IQ BOT download action to whether the path is mentioned correctly or not

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Hello @Tamil Arasu​ 


But I uploaded the invoices for the whole process before the process even began:


Okay can you give me an idea: I am using AA Community Edition. I have created a single learning instance, and trained it by uploading invoices and then validating a few documents. Now I want to test the learning instance, i.e, I want to see whether if I feed more documents to the IQ bot, if it gives me correct field mappings or not. How do I do that?



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imageIt is not allowing me to upload documents for some reason

The field to upload document is disabled

I have checked the instance is in staging mode

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You have shared the screenshot with another query. Like same, you have to navigate the instance by using the Train Other Documents. here you find the instance -->Edit-->and upload the new documents or edit groups to re-train the existing groups as well


For edit instances and groups, you have to set the instance production to staging (basically disable the production for time being)