Does Index number start from 0 or 1??

  • 2 March 2022
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Novice question here, 


Got an IF action in my bot which is looking at an excel row, for the index value I want it to always be a certain column (in this instance it's column G)


My question is, would the index number be 6 (suggesting that column A and the index starts from 0) or would it be 7 (suggesting that column A and the index starts from 1)?




2 replies

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Hi @Jonathan Hart​ ,


Index Refers to Column Numbers but Index starts from 0 and Name refers to the Header of the Column

Thanks for this, so in my instance where the value I'm looking at is in column G (the 7th column) my source value in the IF string condition source value would be: $CurrentExcelRow[6]$ ?