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  • 27 September 2023
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Hi All,

Need some clarification in setting up the Document Automation(DA) .

We are trying to implement DA in our organisation and need some clarifications on below issues.we have succesfully created and trained our learning instance ,now we are trying to deploy into production . we have built a extraction scheduler bot(to upload the files to learning instance) as per AA documentation and trying to complete the set up.  So can anyone please shed some thoughts on this?

  1. Do we need to schedule extraction and download bots separately onto different bot runners? i dont see any information on how to schedule these two bots(extraction and download) . or are these bots automatically run when extraction scheduler is deployed?
Official AA documentation


2 replies

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I suggest you use 2 process one to drop and one to read the data, because you might have idea how loan it will take each record to process and it’s easy to maintain this way . Because you don’t wait in the loop until the extraction happened it could 2 mins or 20 mins depends on the document quality and document type

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I have the same answer.


I did a bot to process bills, when upload the PDF to DA AARI Process, the AARI process wait that main bot finish, I mean, all AARI request put into a wait list in Actitivy page until the main bot finish. Do you kwow how could process PDF into DA in a bot process and doesn’t process in another execution?

I try to use the DA extraction command, but if the document goes to validation, later the DA doesn’t found my docs. This happended because if you don’t you the AARI Process.