Differences between v11 and a360?

  • 8 February 2022
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Can anyone help me with differences between v11 and a360?

People who have experience in both versions, what features work well in 360 and bad in v11?


I know SAP , Citrix is working so much better in a360 , right?


I need that informations to convince my manager to buy the new version.


Thank you in advance.

3 replies

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Hi @Matheus Andrade​ ,


Please find the below useful links,>>>


  • Web-based Environment
  • Variable Types
  • Packages
  • Recorder (AI Sense)...etc
  • Error Handling
  • Custom Package
  • Easy to Integrate with another tool ( via API, via Package..etc)

So many things are there.....


I know SAP , Citrix is working so much better in a360 , right?

You're right.

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Hi @Matheus Andrade


V11 will only receive support until 2023, so its better preparing for it as soon as possible.

V11 features are limited, and there are no human-in-the-loop features like Interactive Forms(AARI) which you can take advantage of.


Not only are the Action Packages continuously being updated in A360, the product support and forums are more focused on A360 than it is on V11.


If your company continues to use V11, then you will only look for V11 developers, when everyone today is learning A360. Not that you won't find any V11 Developers, its only that when you eventually migrate, your V11 Developers will find it difficult to cope with the new software(unless they invest time and effort into learning the new software)


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K



Limited variables in V11 ( only four types ( Value, List , Array , Random ) We have almost 14 types of variables in A360(Any , String, Number, Date Time ,Boolean, File, Window,Credential,List,Dictionary,Record,Table,Form and Session)



We have Metabots in V11where as We don’t have concept of Metabots (as task bots in A360 includes all the features of Metabots )



V11 has limited features and limited commands where as A360 we have human- in the - loop feature AARI ( Automation Anywhere Robotics Interface) and also Lot of extra commands like python scripting , excel basic, excel advanced ,interactive forms ,Office 365 



V11 bots will have .atmx extension where as A360 doesn’t have any extension and It simply displays as taskbot with no extension 



V11 is a desktop application where as A360 is a Graphical User Interface )