Did any of you have a problem with loop through email when received date is after>

  • 10 January 2022
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I am building a bot to download all email from a mailbox(outlook mailbox, IMAP connection). I am using loop through all email and at "When received date is before" I put a date variable with todays date in it, but the bot isn't download any email.

If I delete the variable from "When received date is before" the bot download all the emails.


Thank you,


9 replies

Hello @ChanduMohammad S​ ,

The date is 2022-01-10, (YYYY-MM-DD format).

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Hi @Raul Patcas​ ,


Can you check the Date value by adding a Message box?

And if I put the same variable in "When received date is on or after" everything works fine.

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HI @Raul Patcas​ ,


Please go through below synopsis of each option,


  1. Optional: In the When received date is on or after list, select an option to retrieve specific emails on or after a certain date.
  2. Optional: In the When received date is on or before list, select an option to retrieve specific emails on or before a certain date.>

I have the same problem, could you solve it?

Hello @Carlos Torres​ ,


I manage to avoid it by changing the connection server (from EWS server to Email server).


Try that and let me know if it works.

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Hello @Carlos Torres​ 


I have done the below steps for Outlook


  1. Date time to String command-> Convert the system date to string variable with custom format yyyy/MM/dd or dd/MM/yyyy
  2. Date Time Assign command -> Convert the Step 1 string variable as date with the custom format used in Step 1
  3. In loop, use the step 2 date variable in "when to receive option"


Earlier I have faced the same issue while using the system date directly, but after this conversion, its working fine for me.


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Hello @Raul Patcas​ 


Reported issue is fixed as part of A360.25 for Email Server.


Search using keyword: 00920617


Please feel free to open Support ticket in case if the issue still persists.





I need to use Previous Month First Date and Last Date while reading the email. I can get the dates either from Excel or VB Script but both will return values in string variable.

I converted the string to datetime variable. After that system is not reading the email.


If anyone has does this, please help