Data Table Merge action not working with tables extracted from web page

  • 14 June 2023
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I built a bot that goes to page, and downloads table from first page to one table variable and then a second table from the second page. Both tables are extracted correctly. Then the bot tries to merge both tables and assign the merged value to the first table. However, after performing the merge, the second table is not appended correctly to the first one. Instead, I got additional empty rows added. This behaviour does not appear, if I firstly save tables to csv files, read back and then try merging.


Is this an expected Data Table Merge behaviour? I did not find any information about this in the documentation.

1 reply

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I have faced the same issue… The reason is we are extracting the table data dynamically and extracted table in AA has column Names with digits. AA is unable to merge based on default created index numbers.


Solution: Instead of Merge option → Use loop with Data Table:Insert row command