custom package creation for database using jdbc driver

  • 5 March 2024
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Team, I’m building a custom package in intellij for database insert query, the code is working in intellij after importing sdk after build in gradle I see jdbc driver is missing from the A360 control room

Any insights would be grateful


Best answer by Tamil Arasu10 5 March 2024, 10:02

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4 replies

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Ensure that the JDBC driver JAR file is included in your custom package. The JAR file should be added to the package and referenced properly in your code and build.gradle file to make sure that you have included the JDBC driver as a dependency

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thanks for the input. Would you be able mention step by step procedure which would be grateful

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included the JDBC driver as a dependency. (build.gradle file)


For example:

dependencies {
    implementation ''
    // other dependencies

please replace '' with the actual coordinates of your JDBC driver.

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Thanks. I’ve added this string 

implementation 'mysql:mysql-connector-java:8.0.25'

which is working as expected now