Create two separate running devices

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Hello everyone,


I am facing a problem as I have two amazon workspaces and would like to register them as two different runners.

I have successfully created the first aws Workspaces, a bot runner account, and bots run perfectly on it.

Here is a screenshot of the situation :


I then create (through AWS clone image of the first one) a new workspaces, create a new user with a new license, and choose “connect local device”.

Instead of creating a new device, it changes the behaviour of the already existing one and links it to the new account. What I then get is that sometimes a bot supposed to be run on the first runner deploys itself on the second one and vice versa. The only thing that changes is the device name (both begin with ECZAMAZ-****).

I have tried uninstalling the bot agent and removing the control room registration, then install it again, start with the second one… I still face the same problem.

I have tested with a bot creator and not a bot runner user : the problem is still there.

Has anyone ever faced this problem ?


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@Augustin This is cycling issue while cloning the system it was copied AA configurations as well, hence it will swap between two systems.. 


You need to remove automation anywhere folder under path : c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\appdata\local

from both systems.. 

and connect again control room with the user credential and establish bot runner connection.. 


this will resolve issue… 

going forward if you wanted to avoid issue, just close the machine without Automation anywhere software… 


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Thanks a lot,


It was the solution to my problem !