Convert a string variable to a file variable

  • 9 March 2023
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If I have a file path contained in a string variable. How can i convert this file path to a file variable which is selecting the same file. 

The use case is that I am trying to use the PDF actions and for these you have to pass in a “file” variable rather than a file path. In my process the PDF file will be created by the bot in an earlier step but i am only getting the file path as a string at that point. My question is how can i set this file path into a file type variable. 

3 replies

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Hi @ibtasaam ,


Below is the supported inline conversion of a String type variable. If I am not mistaken, you can try with the File → Assign action for this. Else, there could be a chance for the same by using any line scripts like Python or JS.


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@ibtasaam Use File: Assign




In a nutshell, we cannot convert from string to file variable?

Its common process that the program open the some files using variable.