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  • 25 February 2024
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I am haveing a problem I am trying to export a report from Microsoft Power BI.  I am confused because in development all of the things that I have tried (listed Below) all work when my screen is up.  However when I publish it and do not watch the bot all of them fail.  I have included the error message corresponding to each method

  1. Standard capture (I have also tailered the properties down to just the DOMXpath where the button is.)
    1. Unable to find BUTTON. Search Criteria did not match.
  2. AI Sense Capture (including recording an anchor).
    1. Control not found.
  3. Mouse Click (Using both application, browser, and screen)
    1. No error because the button is never pressed so the wait condition that is looking for the file never comes true so the bot just keeps running.

I have attached a picture of the button that I am trying to press. There are some redactions.

Any help the community can provide would be great.  Thanks.


Respectfully Requested,

Chris Delaney

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