Checking fields for null value

  • 11 January 2023
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What is the easiest way to have a bot check to see if a field on a website is populated? I need to put logic in the bot I am doing that if a field is null (i.e. blank) to populate it with a period, but to leave it alone if it is already populated with text.


Jason Harper 

6 replies

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@harperjg using DOM path identify the object and check the condition if object.value not null 

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awesome. thank you!

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@rbkadiyam  can I use that in a if condition? 

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Hi @harperjg ,


You can use If → Object Exists condition for the same.

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So, here is what I am doing…

  1. I am capturing the field and doing a “Get Property” action, and set the Property name “DOMXPath.” I am then setting the property in the “ShipInfoValue” variable:

For my If Statement condition, I am using the string condition telling it to check the variable to see if it does not equal null:

I am doing this correctly or I am I missing something?




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Hi @harperjg 

In the 1st screenshot, Check the properties which has the value i.e HTML Value or Item Value accordingly select the “Property Value” and try it should work.