Capture elements of a Java web application

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I am trying to capture an element in a Java-based web application. The recorder capture does not detect the elements. Is there a specific setup that needs to be done for this so that the elements is “capture-able”?

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Hi @rahuladhikari ,


Can you please try with the AI sense recorder to capture the java application.

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We had to setup a JAVA Access Bridge to be able to capture objects in a JAVA application from EDGE Browser (IE Mode).

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[ Use case - Extract records from a file and enter into the textbox in the Java application one by one.

Solution - I used the mouse click command to click on the text box to activate the field/element. Then use keystrokes to enter the required text for each record.] 

@Tamil Arasu10  - Thank you for your reply. I actually did try using the AI sense recorder (defined the element, tried using various anchors, etc). But the behavior was not consistent. It would sometimes select an element above or below the required element.

@JasonD106468  - Thank you. Although I have not tried this method, I think this is the more accurate way, to use the Java access bridge, which would provide “capture properties” to play around with.