cannot connect to SAP, get error message: SAP GUI not installed

  • 25 May 2022
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I am trying to connect / use recorder. When using either of them I get the Error message SAP GUI solution not installed. Please install package 750 with patchversion 9 or higher.


According to the info from SAP I am using 770. This should work in my opinion.

I am using AA2019 v17 version.


How can I make a successfull connection / recorder possibility?


Attached SAP Error message (partially in Dutch) en SAP info


Looking foward hearing answer

3 replies

Hi @Robin Hofman​ ,


Please find the supported SAP versions below:

  • SAP GUI 750 with patch 9
  • SAP GUI 760 with patch 0
  • SAP GUI 760 with patch 1
  • SAP GUI 760 with patch 5


We request you to refer the below document for more information:


Thank you

Dear veenaN,

Thank you for the answer. Is there already a date known ­in future woensdag SAP 770 Will be supported for AA2019 v17?

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SAP 770 will be supported from A360.26 version onwards.