cannot Access Automation Anywhere Advanced certification

  • 16 January 2023
  • 3 replies


when iam trying to write AA advanced certification exam getting like this


3 replies

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Hi @Narayana 4516 ,


For any AA University related or AA Certification related issues, you may reach out to the AA Learning team on below mentioned ID.


I hope this will help.

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Hi @Narayana 4516 

Checkout below update from AAU team,

The time has arrived, and we are moving to the new Learning Platform. Please note that the platform will be unavailable for learners from Jan 12th 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time to Jan 17th 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time as we initiate this transition. We appreciate your patience as we switch platforms to give you the optimal learning experience.

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@Narayana 4516  This issue due to new learning platform migration… As AA communicated to all that old certificates and completed courses, achievements will no longer available in new platform… now New platform is available