Can't use recorder in the Edge with IE mode

  • 18 January 2023
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I am using A360 V26 and when I tried to use recorder to capture HTML element in edge IE mode, it always capture the whole screen instead of element I want, but when I switch back to original IE page, it works fine again. 

I know that only version after V24 will be able to use recorder in edge IE mode but I already updated my A360 to the latest version so it seems like there’s some kind of bugs that don’t allow user to record them in edge IE mode. 

Thanks for all of your support in advance. 


5 replies

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Hi @tin8420 ,


Try after changing the Object Capturing Technology under the Capture action. If it doesn’t help, you can try changing the Recorder package version.



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@Padmakumar  thanks for your prompt reply, I will try your solution and give feedback later.

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@Padmakumar  excuse me, I just not find the icon which is supposed to be next to recapture object in A360, may I know which version of A360 are you using?

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Dear all, 

I find the solution to update recorder to the latest version and then problem solved.