Bot to extract emails from sent items folder stop running properly when found an encrypted email.

  • 19 January 2022
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I have a BOT that is extracting the emails from sent items folder. The commands of the bot are mostly metabots from OutlookV2. The bot was running OK until it found an encrypted email. When it found the encrypted email the bot stop running without returning any error.


Any solution to either read it or skip the encrypted email and continue to extract the other emails?

2 replies

Hi ,


I am not sure whether it will resolve your issue but give a try.


Use Error handling command and in begin error handling add one variable which will capture the error, if task status is fail.

Put IF condition to that variable and use if <Error Message> include then continue to next email run .


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Encrypted emails are designed to be secure and protect the content from unauthorized access. As a result, it may not be possible to read the encrypted email using the same method as non-encrypted emails.

If your BOT is encountering an encrypted email and stopping without returning an error, it's possible that the bot does not have the necessary permissions to access the encrypted email or that the OutlookV2 commands do not support handling encrypted emails.

To skip the encrypted email, continue to extract the other emails and extract email addresses from linkedin, you can add a conditional statement to your BOT that checks if the email is encrypted before attempting to extract it. If the email is encrypted, you can have the BOT skip that email and move on to the next one.


Here is an example of a conditional statement that checks if an email is encrypted:

If email.IsEncrypted = True Then
    'Skip the encrypted email and move on to the next one
    'Extract the email
End If


The exact syntax and implementation will depend on the programming language and the specific commands used in your BOT. However, you can consult the documentation for your BOT's programming language or contact the developer or support team for assistance in implementing this solution.