Bot Execution Failure in VM Post-Password Reset in Automation Anywhere Control Room

  • 15 January 2024
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It appears that after resetting the password for a bot operating within a Virtual Machine (VM), I updated the corresponding credentials in the Automation Anywhere (AA) Control Room. However, while the bot runs manually correctly(I believe so) in the Control Room, it fails to execute within the VM. Additionally, there is an absence of log generation in this context. Could you provide guidance on resolving this issue?



2 replies

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Hi @Henrysmoth ,


What error you are getting while running Bots?

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Hi @Henrysmoth,

Ensure that the Bot Runner machine (VM) has a stable connection to the Control Room. You can test this by trying to access the Control Room URL from the VM's browser.

Double-check the credentials you've updated in the Control Room. Make sure they match the new password you've set for the bot in the VM.

Also you should be able to see the details of this failure in the Audit log or in Activity tab in your A360 instance. 

Thank you.