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  • 28 April 2023
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Hello everyone,


I’m tryng to biuld a solution for my RPA in AA. In this Project i need to input data from a spreadsheet into the form fields on the screen. The fields will change position on the screen after every submission throughout 10 rounds thus the workflow must correctly identify where each spreadsheet record must be typed every time.

In the processo of the RPA i’m already reading the Excel file by passing by an loop, and in every time that i pass i get the value of the respective columns of the line and later input in the screen.

My doubt is which command to use to locate the element automatically, remembering that the field is dynamic and can change its region, and which command you used to configure it’s respective value.

Now i’m trying to use the record to collect (detect) this object and put the data that is compatible, but no Sucess at All. Follow the evidences.


Can someone help me, please? 



1 reply

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Hi @Muk 7438 ,

Please check out the below link,

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