Automation 360 v.24 On-prem longer than usual task execution

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I’ve got a On-prem CR installation of AA360 v.24 and Unattened Bot Runner wth Agent v. 21.134 installed and Chrome Manifest V3 plugin.

Everything worked smoothly and then a few weeks ago something went wrong:

  • when logging to CR from Bot Runner or Bot Creator the Indicator of Bot Runner shows connection after 10-12 sec after loggin-in (previously it went to Log-In state immediately)
  • when running a Task with Unattended Bot Runner it takes twice as much time that it used to : logging to the machine, downloading dependencies and such takes longer than used, Especialy the moment when one task calls sub-task sor returns from from sub-tasks.

I need a clue how to test what is the reason for that issue and check what is causing such long undesigned delays,

I would be grateful for Your input,

greetings Michal


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