An unknown error occurred when executing the 'OpenExcel'

  • 12 May 2022
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I am encountering a common issue with opening an excel (.xlsx) file using excel advanced.

I'm running

AA Community Edition

Office365 Desktop version (licensed)

Windows 11

xlsx file is stored locally and path is correct, it was selected using the "browse" function.

xlsx file is empty, waiting to write data from rpademo site to excel


excel basic opens the file fine but I need functions inside excel advanced.


7 replies

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Hi @Yew Kay Yan​ ,


  • No Excel installed: If you do not have Microsoft Excel installed on the device on which you are running bots to automate Excel-related processes, use the Excel basic package.
  • Desktop Excel installed: If you have a desktop version of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, use the Excel advanced package in your bots.
  • Online Office 365 Excel only: If you are using Microsoft Excel 365 on a web browser, use the Office 365 Excel package for automating tasks related to Excel.


Note: If you are using Excel Advance Packages then you need an Office license should active.



If doesn't help, please upgrade or downgrade the packages then give it try.





I have desktop Excel installed with paid license and I am using the Excel advanced package as mentioned in my starting post.

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I have the same thing going on for a few days now, did you find a solution?

When I close the excel process in the background, it seems fixed, but when some bots have ran (using Excel), the error occurs again.

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Hello @Yew Kay Yan​ 


There have been multiple fixes with Excel Advanced package. Kindly test in the latest package and let us know if you continue to face the issue. If yes, please open a case with support and share the bot agent logs (C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\Botrunner\Logs) and we can assist you further.


Tengo el mismo problema. De donde actualizo el paquete de excel?

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Tengo el mismo problema. De donde actualizo el paquete de excel?

 Seleccione en el Control-Room la opcion de Manage - Packages y seleccione el paquete de Excel Advanced.  Entonces, seleccione una versión más actualizada del paquete como Default.





Hola, muchas gracias por responder.

Esa es la versión que tengo en el servicio.

Les paso mi versión de Office y como está creado el bot.