Add Comma Values Into Single CSV Cell

  • 15 August 2023
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I want to put a string with commas into a single CSV cell.

I have a comma separated list, but some of the values themselves contain commas that must be preserved. How can I log a value to a single CSV cell while retaining the commas within the value?

For example, I want to log data to CSV that ends up looking like this:

Currency Payment Type Amount
dollar eft, check, cash $3,000,000


NOTE: I understand that the data could be better represented by removing commas from the number and spreading the Payment Types into unique rows, but for the sake of my purposes, I need to figure out a way to include commas in a single cell if possible.

1 reply

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Hi Logan ,


Please pass the variables withing "$value$"




Log to file "dollar", "eft, check, cash", "$3,000,000"


If u do the follow u will have 3 column values as you wanted