About the error content of TriggerListener.log output by the Bot agent

  • 24 February 2022
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Hello, this is nobuhiro yane.


Regarding the subject matter, would you please let me know if anyone knows it?



-The other day, I created a file trigger bot and created an event trigger on an unattended Runner computer.

However, the created file trigger did not start, and even the bot that was previously started by the trigger does not start by the trigger.

-There, I checked the contents of TriggerListener.log output by the Bot agent and noticed that an error occurred.

-Probably the Bot agent is not working properly due to the error. It was

However, the message "Trigger has been configured" is displayed on the screen.


(what I want to know)

-The cause and remedy for the error content "The network BIOS command has reached the limit value."

Also, I would like to know the meaning of the error.


(Error details)

2022-February-24 Thu 15: 21: 45.264 ERROR [ForkJoinPool.commonPool-worker-3] --com.teamdev.filewatch.FileWatcher --start --Failed to start watching java.lang.RuntimeException: readDirectoryChanges failed: Network BIOS command The limit has been reached.

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Hello @nobuhiro yane​ 


Thank you for writing us at the AA forum.


Request to deploy the bot through the RDP approach by changing the deployment settings in Device settings which will ensure that the bot deploys through a hard session approach on headless mode compared to the Console session approach which gives erratic behavior in GUI based commands.


Go to Manage > Devices > Advanced options Tab add this value in /gfx:AVC444 RDP command options filed. and save the changes and run the bot


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