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  • 3 March 2022
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Hi team

this yaar is 2022, since our team member just have AA11 develop experience,no one has used AA360. so we want to know that if we continue to use AA11 in furture, What kind of impact will it have?

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Hi @wang huadong​ ,


You can only use it until 2023 October I believe, because after that zero product support will be provided by Automation Anywhere.


There are some issues which even the RPA developer won't be able to solve, for example issue related to the infrastructure is something that requires the product company to intervene, as they have specialized professionals for that job.


That being said, you could learn few things here and there and resolve some of those issues on your own, but it will take more time than it would for a professional.


Also, if you have experience working with V11, you won't struggle as much when you jump over to A360 because there are a lot of similarities.

Sure, Metabots are no more, but we still have the option of using DLLs.


Its always best to prepare for the future. Software changes daily, which means we have to learn daily.

If you get stuck anywhere, you can always reach out to us over at the APeople forum!


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

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Hi Wang,


It is advisable to migrate to our latest and greatest Automation 360, Cloud-enabled platform so as to reduce overhead, effort and costs spent to maintain an on-prem setup. Also, support for V11 will be discontinued eventually and the feature set will be fairly limited compared to Automation 360, thereby affecting the overall automation capabilities and reducing the amount of processes and ways in which they can be automated.


You can find more details on migration to A360 below:>