A360 Running as a service

  • 7 November 2022
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Good morning,

Is there a possibility of executing A360 on premises as a service.?

The issue is that due to the new company's policy we are unable to make an autologon on a server 2019, so A360 remains "OFF" until any user/admin make a logon...

As the policies can not be changed, we are cheing the possibility of running A360 like any other service.


José Marín.-

4 replies

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The Control Room and Botagent have its own windows services. Are you able to access the Control Room URL from Botagent(Runner) machine after CR server restart?

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Good morning Sajith,

Yes it is a new full installation A360 OnPremises....

The issue is, as mentioned, that after any restart or any automatic update & restart due to patches pushed from our global office, the server gets the status "ON", but without any user/admin as Logon..., then the tasks are not trigered as AA is "OFF" and we need a logon on the server to get the scheuled task running, after that all the tasks not executed appear "in progress", and now is too late.


Have try changing the Regedit without any success, and some other solutions but in the same way, so my last option is having AA running as service as soon as the server is on...






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Hello @Jose Marin​  Are you talking about containerizing A360 OnPremise ? If yes, its not supported. Will you elaborate on the issue so we can brainstorm possible solutions?

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Yes, I logged as Client normally..., I have a direct access to the control room after the restart (of course I have to logon as admin on the server)


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