A360 Passing Variables not working/detected

  • 28 April 2023
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I’m just doing a test after migrating a bot from 11.3 to A360 and in one of the files it is unable to pass anything to the child-bot as no inputs or outputs detected despite there being 133 variables present in the latter.

It seems to be able to detect variables just fine in the smaller tasks but I suspect there might be a limit to how much A360 can detect.

Is there anyway to go past this?

2 replies

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hi @Trent RPA 

Please check out the below link


Passing Variables From One Task To Another In A360 | A360 …

How to pass variables between bots | Automation 360

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@Trent RPA 

Article Number



A360 MIG | Unable to pass variable from child Bot to Parent Bot | Null pointer exception error


The customer is unable to pass the variable from the child bot to the Parent bot, throwing "Null pointer Exception" in the Message Box.



The variable in the If condition has the NULL value defined


Make sure that the value in the variable of any condition or command should not be having a NULL value within the child bot or parent bot. 
Some values should be defined for the variable within the command or condition.