A360 Master Certification Auto-Grader Clarification

  • 19 March 2023
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I’m currently taking the A360 Master Certification and wanted to ask this ahead of me submitting my bots. Part of the instructions say the below. If my three bot URLs use Task Bot package: Run to leverage child bots to make things modular is it known whether the auto-grader is able to look at the child bots since those would be different bot URLs? Is that not considered “keeping it simple”? I don’t want to use child bots if the auto-grader wasn’t build to handle them and think the instructions should make a point to clarify that. Really hoping to not burn time trying to get a response from if possible. Thanks.


At the main screen, it outlines the steps to complete your bots:

Check your control room – make sure you’re using a cloud-based control room with no two-factor authentication. If you’re not sure, we recommend building your bots in our free Community Edition.

Get your assignments – this chooses three random use cases for you to solve. PDF documents are displayed here with your three assigned use cases. Be sure to complete and submit the use cases in order.

Create your bots – this reminds you that all output files are Microsoft Excel .XLSX format only. Any other format will be rejected. It also reminds you to keep track of your bot’s URL while in EDIT mode.

Submit your bots – you are done building your bots and are ready to submit them to the auto-grader. The auto-grader expects best practices to be adhered to. If your bot uses fancy tricks or exotic programming techniques, the auto-grader may not give you credit. Keep it simple.

In the Submit your bots section, you will be asked for 8 points of data:

Three .XLSX files – one for each of the use cases in order

Three URLs for your bots in EDIT mode

Your username and your password for your Control Room.

Once you entered that data, click the Submit your bots button. After a delay of approximately 5 seconds, you will see your score.

If you passed with a score of 75% or above, you will see a congratulations message. Your score will be added to Automation Anywhere University later in the day.


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Nevermind. Overlooked the below from Best Practices for Bot Building.pdf from the instructions.

---Separate your bots into logical parts when it makes sense
While not all bots can or should be broken apart, many can. For example, if you have a business process where you log into a site, perform an action, then log out of the site, it might make sense to separate those three parts into separate bots. This makes the bot modular and should you need to add another function to this business process, it’s easy to do so.
Some bots really should stay monolithic: Where the bot performs a specific task only, such as creating a report daily, it many times does not make sense to break the bot into multiple pieces.