A360 - "IF: Image found in image" always returns true despite the condition truly being true

  • 15 February 2023
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I am trying to use a loop and an IF statement to determine whether an image exists within each of the images.


The loop goes through each image in a folder, than the IF statement searches the image to find a certain image within it.


Here is my issue: I know that there is a mix of image files in the loop folder that contain the search image and that do not contain the search image. I have verified that the IF command can work by using the preview button on the IF: image exists in image action to triple check. I have previewed both the images that contain the search image as well as the images that do not contain the search image and when I use the preview button, it works! But when I run the task bot, it always defaults to true/image found.


Has anyone else experienced this or know what to do about it?

3 replies

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Try to increasing the precision in the if action



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Hi,  Can you share your Source and target image? 

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@LoganPrice  Increasing the matching percentage will help