A360 enterprise cloud installation

  • 20 February 2023
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I want to install a360 cloud not the cloud-enabled one.

Please guide me how can i install it properly and where i can found the installation setup file.




4 replies

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@ardra  herr is the link :


Here is the link for downloads :

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Hi @rbkadiyam ,

Actually I downloaded the zip file from downloads it was asking deployment model on-premises and cloud-enabled only. Actually i want the cloud version like community edition. Please advise where i can get the link of cloud version not cloud enabled/can you please provide me the email id of automation anywhere which is able to give the link.



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Hi @ardra ,


As mentioned in the screenshot, which is available in your post, the A360 cloud version is fully managing my AA. Means, you don’t need to do any installation from your end. But your Hardwares should meet the pre-requisites suggested by AA. Just like community edition, upon completing the CR provisioning by AA, you will receive the CR URL with the Username through the registered Mail ID. You may reach out to your CSM or PEM for getting more details on this. 


Kindly refer here for further information on pre-requisites part.

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@ardra If you wanted to deploy into your cloud, you have to use onprimise installation on your cloud environment… 

if you select cloud option it was AA Managed cloud