COMMUNITY ISSUE about capture and excel

  • 23 April 2024
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Recently, after aa_community requested an update to the bot agent,

the bot agent was reinstallation on 4/16.


However, after the reinstallation,

the capture function fails to work properly, as it's unable to capture web elements (the red box appears but no response upon clicking),

and the recording function doesn't open the Automation Anywhere Recorder window.


Furthermore, some employees' computers experience a situation where, when using the community version, the Excel package can only function in "Basic" mode, while "Advanced" mode does not work. Additionally, when downgrading from "Advanced" mode, there are issues with web connectivity, causing the entire Control Room interface to disappear.


What could be the reason behind these issues?


Additional information:

The Chrome extension package, Automation 360, is version


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There isn’t enough detail to really provide an answer here. You’ve combined at least three different questions. We need more details. 

Recorder capture: Try uninstalling the Bot Agent and reinstalling completely. Then test Recorder:Capture in Chrome (ensuring the correct Extension was installed and enabled.

Excel Basic package works at the XLSX file level, and doesn’t require the installation of Microsoft Excel.

Excel Advanced package require the Microsoft Excel application, and will open the application with Excel Advanced: Open

The two packages are not interchangeable, meaning, if you open the excel file using BASIC you can only use the BASIC actions on the fild. Same with Advanced. You cannot swap between the two, there is no “downgrading” possible. The last question doesn’t make sense to me.