[Bot Scheduler API] I do not know the cause of the API error.

  • 23 May 2024
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I want to find only the list of activated schedules among the schedules set in CR.

If you try using the Request Samples Json listed in List automations available to the user, it will fail with the message ‘Invalid passed parameter’. (field and value are correct)

So, if you try to modify the Json as shown below, you will receive a response.

The Filter value doesn't seem to be applied properly. (Even if you change the filter conditions, the same value is output.)

Do you know what the problem is?


  "filter": {
    "operator": "NONE",
    "operands": [{
      "operator": "eq",
      "field": "status",
      "value": "active"
  "sort": [
      "field": "name",
      "direction": "asc"
  "page": {
    "offset": 0,
    "length": 100



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Please advise which API you’re referencing so we can try and duplicate your issue. Example:

You may also reference the specific Swagger page.