Community Spark 💡: Automated File Testing with User Authorization in Automation Anywhere  Content:

  • 13 June 2024
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Community Spark 💡: Automated File Testing with User Authorization in Automation Anywhere   Content:
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Efficient testing processes are crucial for ensuring high-quality software products. However, traditional manual testing methods can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially when dealing with many files and multiple users with varying access privileges. Intelligent automation, combined with Automation Anywhere, can streamline the file testing process while maintaining security and access control. 


Problem Statement 

End-users often lack direct access to the Automation Anywhere Control Room, making it difficult for them to initiate the testing process manually for each file. This can lead to delays, inefficiencies, and potential security risks if users attempt to test files they are not authorized to access. 


Solution Overview 

Our solution automates the file testing process while incorporating user authorization and privilege checks. We have designated a specific folder location where end-users can deposit their files. Whenever a file is placed in this folder, the automation process is triggered, and it checks the user's privileges based on the file type and intended testing environment. 


Implementation Considerations 

  • Folder Monitoring: Automation Anywhere's triggers are utilized to continuously monitor the designated folder for new file arrivals, initiating the testing process when a file is detected. 

  • User Authentication: The solution integrates with the organization's user authentication system to verify the end-user's identity and retrieve their access privileges. 

  • File Mapping: A mapping file is maintained to associate different file types with their corresponding testing environments or integrations like Workday. 

  • Automated Testing: If the user is authorized, the automation process seamlessly executes the necessary testing steps, including any required integrations. 


Key Benefits 

  • Streamlined Testing: Automating the file testing process significantly reduces the time and effort required, enabling faster turnaround times and increased efficiency. 

  • Metrics: Track the average time-to-test before and after implementing the solution. 

  • Enhanced Security: By incorporating user authentication and privilege checks, the solution ensures that only authorized users can initiate testing for specific file types and environments.  

  • Metrics: Monitor unauthorized access attempts and track the reduction in security incidents. 

  • Scalability: The solution can handle a large volume of files and testing requests simultaneously, accommodating business growth without additional resources.  

  • Metrics: Track the number of files processed and the ability to handle increased workloads without performance degradation. 

  • Improved User Experience: End-users can seamlessly initiate testing without the need for direct access to the Control Room, enhancing productivity and satisfaction.  

  • Metrics: Measure user satisfaction scores and productivity gains. 


Siri Spandana is an Associate Software Engineer at Silicon Labs. Connect with her on LinkedIn


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