When running bot facing deployment issue and could not run the bot A360 community Edition.

  • 21 February 2022
  • 5 replies

When running bot facing deployment issue and could not run the bot. It simply says


Deploying to your computer…

and hanging.


This happens for multiple users using A360 community edition.


Is this server error?


Please help us to resolve this issue.

5 replies

I am also facing same issue

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same issue here. I somehow got used to this, happens 1-2 times per week and usually it's a new deployment or developers are making test, restarting the pods.. no idee...


The fact is that everytime i stress myself like hell, and it seems always that there is nothing i can do, then wait for the system to be back on track.


this is my current experience and expectations :)

usually, how much time it takes to get normal?

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half a day...something like that.

It is working now !!