Unable to login community version. Getting error - The AARI Assistant is currently not available for users without an Attended user license.


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HI Tamil,

I was able to login community version till yesterday, only today it's stopped running.

Also I have attended licence available.​

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Hi @Sonal Priya​ ,


Automation Anywhere AARI service must be running in Control Room to use AARI Assistant.

This application is designed only for user with attended Bot Runner license. A sign in error is displayed if users with any other license tries to sign in.


Hi @Tamil Arasu10 ,


I have created an account in community edition in last month and from yesterday im getting this error “The AARI Assistant is currently not available for users without an Attended user license”,
And if I'm reaching to AA support, they are not supporting it,
Please give me some advice or insight on the error and what need to be done to fix?



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@Swathi.M3 ,

if you want to login to community to create bots, open a browser and go to url you have received by email and enter your credentials. Something as shown in the below image. A direct access  with label AARI was created in your desktop. This is for another feature not available for Community Edition called AARI.




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Hi @Swathi.M3 ,


Please check out the below link,

Community capacity and limitations

You need an attended license to use AARI feature. In the Community, you can’t use the entire features in AARI. Might be you will able to see the some basic feature which is currently available in A360 Community.


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Hi @Swathi.M3 ,

Using community Edition CR you cannot access AARI Assistance, because it required Attended License mapped to your account. Community CR comes with limited features hence you don't have this license.