Unable to connect to the Control Room.

  • 24 January 2024
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I’m not able to connect to the control room after installing the bot agent. Extension is enabled but then it shows this error. Please help



8 replies

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You must install the bot agent correctly the sign for your desktop not shown in your control room 

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Its already installed, Do I need to do anything else after installing the bot agent?


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Are you connected to a VPN?


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If you have like this screenshots that means you are not installing the bot agents correctly 

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I was able to install & connect the bot agent from another pc but from this pc when I try to open the bot agen it does’t do anything. In my other pc, clicking the bot agent opens up window to login. Any idea why?


my other pc working fine:


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hi @mdmahbubshaun,

What I see is that you have an AARI shortcut in the other pc, that’s not the bot agent that you need to install.
Go to Devices menu. On the top right, click on the + sign and follow the instructions to install the bot agent in that new pc.





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Hi @mdmahbubshaun ,

Please check the below link

Automation 360: How to Install the Bot Agent

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Hi @Tamil Arasu10 

Could you kindly suggest what I can do when receiving the “Error occurred while performing requested operation” error when launching AARI?