Unable to connect bot agent

  • 27 March 2023
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Unable to connect bot agent

5 replies

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Hi @priyanka.paidimalla ,


Please check out the below link,

System Allows only single device to be registered



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Hi Priyanka,

From the error message it looks like you have already installed the bot agent on other device for the same CR and now trying to login from a different device.

  • Delete already registered device. Manage → Device → Click on 3 dots and delete.
  • re-install the bot agent in the latest device using chrome and this should resolve your issue.


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Hi @Tamil Arasu10 


Unable to delete the device.

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First, try to restart Automation Anywhere Agent or resintall.  If not, kindly check the following threads:





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@priyanka.paidimalla  : restart VDI / runner machine then delete device… remove automation anywhere folder under c:\windows\system32\config\sytestemprofile\local\.. then open control room and click connect device