Should it take 16 minutes for a simple email bot to finish?

  • 24 August 2022
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I'm new to RPA, I have made a simple email bot that just contains a loop to search all email from a certain sender, and a download all attachments from those emails action.  I am using outlook to connect.

The bot runs fine and downloads all of the attachments within a couple minutes, but then it seems to do nothing and just sits there for a long time. The entire process takes over 16 minutes. This is just step 1 of a multistep process and I don't want to continue using Automation 360 if this is the expected behavior.


Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is this normal?

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Hi @jbaxtron ,

 By default, if you try to search mails by looping, even if the Sender mail ID is mentioned, the BOT will look in the entire Mail communication within your Inbox folder (assuming that the number of mails in Inbox is high). Hence, higher the number of mails, higher will be the execution time.


The best approach which I can suggest here is to create a subfolder and create a Rule within outlook to move all mail communication which is coming from this particular Mail ID to this subfolder. Then try looping within that folder instead of Inbox.