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  • 27 February 2020
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I am using Automation Anywhere Community Edition Version A2019. I am trying to schedule a bot through Control Room, but unable to find a menu for the same. Could you please let us know how could I schedule a bot in Control Room.

10 replies

@Swapnil Sane​ 

You can not schedule bot in Community Edition. But you can use windows scheduler.

Means create a bat file to open the .atmx file and scheduled the bat file using Windows scheduler.

Hello @Swapnil Sane​ 


We can schedule a BOT in community edition but this schedule will not repeat. Meaning you can schedule a BOT to run on a day/time only once.

Please give best answer if solve our query.

Ok, but I don't see any option to schedule a bot in Community Edition Version A2019. is there any other way to schedule a bot in Community Edition Version A2019

I cannot find any atmx file in my Device... can u help point where those atmx files are stored?



C:\Users\User_name*\Documents\Automation Anywhere Files\Automation Anywhere\My Tasks

This is the default path where task bot are stored.


*Change the username with what you have given.

Thanks a lot for answering.

I only found ConfigFiles and LogFiles inside that direcotry... i can't even find My Tasks....



Hi leowong, I have the same issue. Can't find the .atmx file.

Please tell us HOW to schedule the bot! Thank you :)

Can someone help me , i am using the community edition and i want to schedule a bot to run once per day .

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Issue  -  Can’t find the .atmx file in my device

Is there a solution for this issue. I have checked almost every folders related to Automation Anywhere. Nothing other than jar, log and some config files.