Saving Attachment from a Specific Email

  • 8 July 2024
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Hello Everyone,
I am working on AA Community Edition, and i want to save attachments from a specific mail but when i am using the Save Attachments option, it is saving all the attachments in a folder.

Options used in Process:

  1. Connect Email
  2. Read mail in Loop with Subject contains Productivity Sheet, and assigned the values to emailDetails.
  3. Save Attachments, defined the folder path.
  4. Disconnect Email.

It is saving all the attachments or saving all attachments in which Productivity word added.


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Unfortunately, it’s an all-or-nothing kind of solution. When you save the attachments, you can use the Loop: through files and folders to iterate through all the saved attachments. If you need a specific file type, you can use the “extension” index of the Dictionary variable (or the individual variables) to help you process just the file with the extension you want, or use the “name” index to find a specific filename.

Look here for more information in the “For each file in folder” section:

PS: Remember to clean out the temporary folder within the loop to prevent double-processing of files.