Not able to login the Community since last week. (8th Apr 2022)

  • 11 April 2022
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I was able to login the website before. but now I failed to do it.

Even I click Forget my password, I didn't receive any emails. Did you face the same issue?


7 replies

Good Day! Vijaya,

Could you check this one.


And I'm sure I have input the right account/pwd, because I login the FORUM with the same account.

btw, Last week, I was studying the AARI function, I'm not sure if the operations locked my account.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @kint jiang​,


Thanks for reaching out to us!


Could you please share your registered email address to assist you further?




Dear Vijaya,

Did you try from your side? The strange thing is, I am using the NEW pwd to login the FORUM to reply to you but still failed to login the community edit A360.

Also I tried to login other server in case it's my keyboard or environment issue. (Clear cookie in chrome also tried)

Copy the pwd from txt to the login pwd field also tried.

Thanks for your help.

yes, this time I have received the email and reset the pwd.

I clicked the show pwd icon to make sure I input the right pwd or not.

However, I still failed to login with my new pwd.

Login issue

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Hi @kint jiang​,


Thanks for sharing your email address.


You should have received an email from our system (, to reset your password. If you cannot see the email in your Inbox folder, then check your junk or spam folder.


Please set a new password and let us know if you are able to log in.




Hi Team,

I am facing server issue from last 3 days. I am unable to connect to my device. I uninstalled and reinstalled the bot but still it not working.


Registered email id:



Dear abhi,

Did you fix the issue?

If not, Here is my solution for you. please try to register the GET Community Edit Free with the SAME email address you are using. meaning you re-register your email. then system will send you one email with a random pwd, you try to login the community website, system will ask you to reset the pwd.

Then you are able to login the community website again.

But be careful before you decide to do it.

If you do like my way, AA will treat you login with a totally new account, your previous designed task will be lost!!!


@Vijay Kumar​ 

Dear Vijaya, Thanks for your help. I raised a ticket for this issue, the support team couldn't figure out the root cause, so they suggested me logging with another email.