mode=bot request returned error 400 {"message":"This process can't be created by a bot.

  • 9 December 2022
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Please ask to your AARI admin to configure this right","details":"","correctiveAction":"","code":"","componentErrors":{}}(Not able to create Request for Vendor) Line Number: 9


why the above error comes and what is the resolution


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Hi @vivek bodduluri ,


First check whether you have assigned AARI Admin role to this user or not. If not, please do that.

Refer :



If the role is assigned already and still facing the same issue then, you need to allow request creation from a bot perspective for this process.


This is done inside the Process Setup page (see below image)

You need to select the by bot option and also assign a default team where the request created by the bot supposed to be allocated.

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Dear @vivek bodduluri,


It's difficult to say exactly what is causing the error you are seeing without more information, such as the specific context in which it is appearing. However, some possible reasons for this type of error message could include:

  • A configuration issue with the AARI admin system or the Request for Vendor feature
  • An issue with the user's permissions or access level, preventing them from creating a Request for Vendor
  • A problem with the code on line 9, such as a syntax error or a missing required element

To resolve the issue, the first step would be to gather more information about the specific circumstances under which the error is occurring. This could involve checking the logs or other diagnostic information, as well as verifying the user's permissions and the configuration of the AARI admin system. Depending on the cause of the problem, the solution could involve updating the configuration, modifying the code, or taking other corrective action.





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Thanks Padma and Zaibi for the issue