Long pauses when entering a loop.

  • 1 December 2021
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What could be the reason for a long pause when entering a loop.


I have checked that the execution time is low but the bot still hangs temporarily.

6 replies

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@Daniel Kendall​  - Could you please elabroate in Loop -> which iterator you have selected. it will help us to identify the issue.

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Hi @Daniel Kendall​ 


Could you please check the Bot Agent Logs? Also, give it try to restart the Bot agent services>

So this issue is before I released I could program Else-If statements.

I was having a loop run once with an try/catch try to run and if fail break

Oddly in this scenario it would hang before it entered the loop.


I have another issue for example with an ELIF where it does not execute the else and just fails e.g.


msedge_DEfPLoa2LoIf there is a more elegant solution to essentially immediately skip a step if execution fails that would be ideal.

Thank you. This is good to know

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Sometimes the package is not loaded properly when the process is started or does not respond to the actions moving one from another action.

If this issue is not resolved then please reach out to the AA support team as well.

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Hi @Daniel Kendall​ ,


Since you are using an If: Object Action, could you scroll down and check if you have provided a shorter timeout?

I bet its 15 seconds, since that is its default value.




Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K