Issues building my first bot.

  • 23 December 2021
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Hello, I am doing my first bot following the videos in the learning path but I had an issue that I cannot figure out yet, when the open excel part comes I follow exactly what the video said but when I try to run the bot it shows an error saying that it cannot find "default" for the session name. I am not sure what I suppose to change somebody has an idea? Capture

10 replies

I changed it to Default, the name of the file, and name it again Default but line 8 did not work.


In the beginning, I had issues on that line too but I figured out that the create excel session was empty, and in the video, they do not say anything about that particular area so trying different things writing the name of the file worked, also trying to make line 8 work I typed "default" too and it works but the line 8 keeps showing the error and I cannot move forward on the creation of the bot



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Could you please check line 7 and above lines which are used Excel Session "Default" or other names?

Hello yes all of them has the same name but it did not come through

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Hi @Edgar Iroba​ ,


Can you change the Session value to something else than Default and try? Ex: ExcelSession

I did it and did not work either. I used the file name and nothing happened. In line 7 worked but line 8 show me the same error “session not found”

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Can you share the Code Screenshot of both the lines? Where we can see the Session value

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Hi @Edgar Iroba​ ,


Hope Step 7 & 8 you have given Excel Session as "Default" right? For all the excel session the value should be same.


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Hi @Edgar Iroba​ ,


Could you try declaring a Session Variable pass it into to Variable section under Session and tag that to each Excel Action?


You can also declare a String Variable, but that has to get passed into the Local Variable section.



Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

Thanks @Ashwin A.K​ this worked.!! thank you my friend now I can continue the process and built my first bot