Issue with Community 2 Edition

  • 25 September 2022
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I'm unable to start a bot. I get a message that there is already a bot running. I have restarted the service in task manager but it makes no difference.


I have the same issue on a different account on a different machine.


Others are also experiencing it since a couple of days ago. See this link:>


11 replies

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Same here...

Just to update this thread with what I've tried:


I have gone so far as to completely uninstall the bot agent and then reboot. Exactly the same problem still remains. In task manager I can no longer even see the AA bot agent (I uninstalled it so I shouldn't see it). But when I log into AA it shows me as still being connected.

When I try to disconnect the device, it refuses to do so because it tells me that there is a bot running.

Same behaviour across two different machines, two different accounts, two different bots.

Exact same behavior here... Over the weekend I had 2 pending tasks in active history, today the older one which was an in progress bot is gone, and the remaining one is 'pending execution' and 'connecting with device', but still the control room appears to be out of synch from the agent, which can be stopped, started or removed altogether and the control room still thinks it's connected.

Thanks to AA for fixing this - I've now been able to delete the device on each machine/account and reconnect. Bot is now running again.

Hi all.

I'm getting the same error today.

And now I cannot run any bot.

Please let us delete in progress activity.

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Hello Robert,


I have the exact same behavior.


I hope the engineering and support team can take care of fixing these issues.


I understand that the community edition users can accept being connected on a development or staging environments which has changes periodically and sometimes issues can happen, and also issues should be fixed ASAP.


But, I am afraid being stopped since last Saturday (5 days) has a sever negative impact, which makes me look into other local RPA solutions to ensure that such changes will not affect my environment in the future.


Kind Regards,

Fouad Sabry

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Hello RV 8400,


My issues are not solved at all on all the accounts I have as they are all connected to the problematic Community Edition>


On the other hand, Robert has pointed out to a very important note which is the "pending execution" will disappear after exactly 3 days, which gives the impression that the issue is resolved, but in reality the issue is not resolved.


The main issue is the communication between the Community Edition and the devices, they are connected whether the service is running or stopped, and while the agent is installed or not, and when you run a bot, it loops in an infinite stage of deploying to your computer and notifying your device, and then logs off automatically, and the pending execution stays for at least 3 days and during this period you can not run any other bot, and you can not de-register your device, simply put, you are totally stopped.


Very frustrating.


Totally cloud solution has its own advantages when the issues are reported, and fixed in a timely manner, but in this case, I do really think of a local solution to ensure my environment is stable and avoid any changes which could make me stopped for days like the situation I have now.


Kind Regards,

Fouad Sabry

It would be useful if some visibility on the issue was given. It's very frustrating when it goes down and one just hopes it has been reported and is being worked on.

This one is really puzzling because my issues resolved yesterday on two accounts.

But it looks like it hasn't been fixed fully and you're taking the pain.


It looks like your issue is a bit different to mine. I had no infinite loops but it spat out an error that a bot was running. I've just checked one of the accounts and it also has a pending execution. But I can still start a bot.


I've been caught a couple of times when Community 2 has gone down. I have a bot that runs 24/7 but I restart every day (or second day). I've learnt to check that Community 2 is up using the other account to make sure the bot starts. Only then do I stop and restart the other bot! My problem was that on Sunday I skipped this step and I was bitten.


But I wish you well. Apologies that I'm unable to assist

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Thanks RV 8400 for your kind feedback.


I am sure that all these symptoms has the same root cause.

In anyway, being not able to run any bot using any account on any device connected to Community 2, makes me re-evaluate the cloud vs local RPA solutions.


Kind Regards,

Fouad Sabry


Thanks to AA for fixing this - I've now been able to delete the device on each machine/account and reconnect. Bot is now running again.

how did you solve it?