IQ Bot - Train other documents is not visible in the CE

  • 2 January 2024
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Hello Guys,

am new to RPA,

trying to learn IQbot

i didn’t find the option Train other documents under learning instances

i heard that option is not available since November 23

can any one let me know that alternative ways to learn IQ bot 

2 replies

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Hi @Naren0905 ,


Automation 360 IQ Bot Community Edition will no longer be available from November 28, 2023. Use the Document Automation Community Edition for enhanced intelligent document processing.

Users who have created automations using Automation 360 IQ Bot will need to rewrite them using Document Automation.


From Automation 360 v.31 onwards, the Train other documents option is not available for Community Edition users as IQ Bot is deprecated.


I would suggest to use the Document Automation

Create learning instances to extract data from invoices in Document Automation: Create a learning instance in Community Edition

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Hi @Naren0905 ,


IQ Bot is longer available in the community edition. The replacement is the tool called Document Automation. It is uses AARI and AI to give you the suitable response. The best option is to move to Document Automation now.


Hope this helps!