I am unable to connect my personal PC under local device settings with A360. Control room URL :

  • 27 December 2021
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4 replies

hi @Venkata Naga Pavan Kumar Ravipati​ 

You need to delete first existing device that you have added to your CR.

To do that --> go to Manage --> Device --.delete device


Once you done with above steps then try to add , it will work



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Hi @Venkata Naga Pavan Kumar Ravipati​ ,


Follow below steps

1) Go to devices - remove the device which is listed

2) now try to Add device (by clicking 1st icon on table - Add Local Device)

3) Restart the BOT AGENT from services


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Thanks Everyone for support. issue was resolved post deleting existing devices and uninstalled bot agent old version and rebooted the machine and installed the new bot agent version.

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Hi @Venkata Naga Pavan Kumar Ravipati​ ,


Have you tried hitting the Refresh Icon under the Properties Tab?

Does your device Hostname show up?


If not, then you have to delete the Device and try adding it once more under Manage.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K