I am not able to connect my local device because some process is going on already.

  • 15 June 2022
  • 2 replies

When I check the processes the process that is actually shown in queue is not in the running mode and nothing is pending for that particular bot and still I am not able to remove my device. Attached the SS for the reference

2 replies


I am new. I experienced this too a few times. Logout, Restart, Delete Device, reconnect, maybe deinstall und reinstall and reconnect. Something of that helped.

Hi @Rahul Meena​ 


Please restart the Automation Anywhere Bot agent service

  • Type win+r services.msc/search for Services and then look for the Automation Anywhere Bot agent and do a restart of the service


  • Most of the time it will resolve your issue, if not try deleting your device and add it back
  • If the above steps didn't helped you then go for a re-installation of Bot Agent
  • As a best practice don't directly click on the close icon instead go and stop the bot so that it will avoid your bot getting into queue.


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