I am able to login to the community after changing my username/email ID

  • 5 January 2023
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Hi All,

I am not able to access my AA community cloud account in the link:-  after changing my email ID/username to my other email account there.

Getting error message :


Either your username or your password is incorrect

This may be due to a misspelling or because your Caps Lock is on. To continue, please retype your username and password.

Code: UM1110


Please do note that my old email account which I created in Automation anywhere community account is deleted and Im trying to update it to a new email/username.

I even tired with my old email username and password.Which is working on my Pathfinder community and AA university.

Kindly help me in accessing my automation anywhere community cloud environment has i have a lots of demo and practised test bots there.

I even reached out to the said that Community Edition and Free Trials are supported via the Community.

Please help me guys..

PS-im not able to edit title after posting.


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